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  • 日本語版入力フォームはこちらです。
  • How to use and Reply period:
    Please use this message form for sending impressions of the game, questions, reporting problems, etc. If you need a reply from FoxEye, please write your email address. Please write in correct English or Japanese. (We may not understand slang and colloquialism.) We make an effort for a quick reply, but we may take a week for reply. (Please do not send the same message many times.)
  • Hotmail, Outlook, live domains are not available:
    When FoxEye reply to the address of Hotmail, it'll be always a send error(MAILER-DAEMON). This problem frequently occurs from about 2016 in particular. This cause is unclear. If a reply does not yet arrive though you sent a message to FoxEye using Hotmail in the past, please send a message using an address except Hotmail once again.
  • What we can not reply:
    We will not reply to the disclosure request of nonpublic information. (Uncertain future information, Information on undistributed software, etc...) We will not reply to the software download link request.